Leo Castaneda - Demo(s): Scan Space (Third Person), Oil on canvas

Leo Castaneda - Demo(s): Scan Space (Third Person), Oil on canvas

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Leo Castaneda
Demo(s): Scan Space (Third Person), 2020
Oil on canvas
14 x 11 in


Leo Castañeda (b. Cali, Colombia 1988) is an artist and game designer living in Miami, FL. Fusing gaming, painting, virtual reality, drawing, and sculpture, Castañeda's work reimagines the racial, socio-economic, and posthuman anatomies that govern mythologies and societal systems across our globalized world. 

"Using the language and structure of video games, my work generates multimedia worlds that explore the semiotic bounds of identity, progression, and interaction.

My practice encompasses film, video games and mixed-media installations as well as drawings and paintings that evoke othered worlds between abstraction and speculative fiction. The alien and familiar converge across feedback loops between analog and digital works: paintings and sculptures become forms, textures and blueprints within digital environments just as virtual spaces become references for IRL compositions."